Social Services

For Program Year 2016, the City of Brownsville Office of Grant Management and Community Development is continuing with the Letter of Intent for its HUD-based application processes for CDBG and ESG Programs.

Any 501 (c)3 interested in possible funding from the CDBG or ESG Programs noted above, must submit a Letter of Intent.

Letter of Intent

A copy of the "Letter of Intent (PDF)" must be fully completed and returned for any projects' future funding consideration. The Letter of Intent provides an opportunity for an organization to propose a specific program/project, while also providing city staff with the opportunity to determine initial eligibility and potential funding request totals. City staff will review the letter and assign it to the correct program(s). Any 501 (c)3 may apply for more than one program, with each project/activity on a separate Letter of Intent. However, without the submission of the Letter of Intent, the organization and project/activity will not be further considered for funding for this upcoming Program Year. Applications will only be provided to those organizations who have submitted a Letter of Intent for eligible programs/activities.

Submission of the Letter of Intent does not guarantee the project's future selection nor does it guarantee award. The Letter of Intent only guarantees that the organization will be provided with the correct city application for the appropriate program. A formal award will occur only through the application and Annual Action Plan process.